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Lamakaan – An Open Cultural Space
Lamakaan opens its kitchen to University of Hyderabad hostelers. In view of the extraordinary situation in University of Hyderabad Lamakaan has decided to offer free staple food to any University of Hyderabad hosteler upon production of id card until this crisis is resolved. Being 20 km away from the campus, we realize that this gesture may only serve a symbolic purpose. But we hope that others close by will take cue and act in solidarity. (Carry your student ID please)
Off Road no.1, Lane before VengalRao Park, Diagonal to GVK Mall, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad, India  Phone: 096427 31329

Muhammed Afzal P:EFLU Community in Solidarity with the HCU Community

Dear Friends,
As you are aware, the University of Hyderabad administration, in its attempt to scuttle the protest by the students and teachers of HCU against the V C Appa Rao resuming charge, has closed down the hostel messes, internet connectivity, etc. The campus community is suffering from shortage of food and water. The EFLU community has decided to carry out a solidarity march to HCU and to distribute food and water to the students today evening. We request the members of EFLU community to join us in large numbers in our march to HCU and also to contribute financially. We will leave from EFLU campus at 5:30 p m

PS: Please contact the following numbers if you wish to contribute in the form of financial or physical help.

Ashfaque Ali : 09177971320
Jabbar Chungathara: 08897145705
Dwija Aami; 08978521305
Nafas: 09177660773 ”


Sukumar Narayana: ” Absolute chaos in HCU. Students brutally lathi charged, hurt and hospitalised. Others run to save themselves. Everyone is dispersed. There is no internet on campus since the administration has blocked all sorts of services. All dining halls closed, since workers strike against students (apparently instructed by APPA RAO himself). Dontha Prashanth among the other 30-odd students and one teacher (names to be out soon) who have been arrested. Police brutally beats Prashanth and others in the police van within the campus premises. Unbelievable State violence on non-violent students.”

Vaikhari Aryat:  “Male police brutally grabbed, molested, tossed and beat female students and faculties alike. Female faculties were grabbed by their hair and dragged into vans. Male students were swept inside the van and were beaten without mercy. When I ran after them questioning that, police harassed me. They asked where I am from and when I told them its none of their business, they made a pass on my skin tone and threatened to teach me how to behave and tried to chase me away. They were doing the same to other students. They were rounding up stranded students and started chasing them beating.. Many of us are in health center and some are moved outside. 3 vans of students are arrested by now. Shame on you VC for facilitating this violence against your own students!  ‪#‎UoH‬ ‪#‎DalitLivesMatter‬ ”   &  ” Undeclared emergency is prevailing in UoH now. No food, no water, no electricity and no internet. Sangh administration, police and ABVP nexus do whatever they can to suppress all kinds of resistance. Media play their role by hiding reality and police brutality on students and painting nonviolent protesters as hooligans who tore apart VC’s lodge and poor sangh puppets! While there are students who are privileged enough to afford food from outside, there is a good majority of students who depend entirely on mess food. It is not because of the quality of the food. It is because that is the only thing some of us can afford. When you shut down dining halls and canteens which provide food for students at a subsidized rate, you are punishing a good majority of us for the offense of being unprivileged! Who the hell are you running this Nazi camp for by murdering students day by day? I see sangh parivar administration, sangh police hooligans and ABVP students who betrays their own student community playing holi with our blood today! ”

Manasi Mohan S : “Condemn the brutal attack of telangana police on us the university of hyderabad students. They dragged and lifted the students unexpectedly with no provocation and later lathi charged and assaulted verbally and physically. Many students have scratch marks in their bodies made by a blade like weapon. Male police men attacked the female students with no mercy and violated all kinds of ethics. What provoked them to this extend is still not clear. The university now seems to be under police control. police men are wandering all over threatening the students. this cannot be tolerated.Moreover they have arrested students and faculty baselessly. We demand the immediate and unconditional release of all the 36 students and two faculties arrested illegally.We shall fight until justice is delivered. ‪#‎JusticeForRohith‬ ‪#‎StudentsUnityLongLive‬

Anant Maringanti: ” This is an extraordinary situation. Thousands of students in hostels in University of Hyderabad are being denied food and water for the last 24 hours and the situation may get worse. If the students are forced out of the hostels many of them will not have alternative shelters and will not have money to buy food and water. Will Hyderabad stand by and watch people being forced into submission through denial of food and water ? Can those of us who can rise this occasion respond quickly to say no and show it in action ?  “
Praveenaa Thaali: “I am not shocked or wondered about the silence of elite national medias on the brutal attack against HCU students. ” your Idea of HCU might be, a slum or a Dalit basthi where police can enter any time beat people and even kill them. meantime state will cut power and water. we know you won’t find any scoop in this, because your nasty mindset tell you.. these are deserved things for them”…….. pity on you!!!!”  #‎bewithRohithVemulamovemt‬ #immediatereleseofstudentsandfaculties‬

Praveena Kp: ” Each and everyone in the protest at HCU was brutally beaten up by the police. 36 people including 3 faculty members are taken to the two police stations. The ABVP members, non teaching staff union leaders and the ”selfless” faculty members went to VC’s lodge at 9 am and protected him with ”Appa Rao Zindabad” sloggens according to the plan of action written by sanghi VC and his ”like minded collegues”. Police had given protection to the culprits by brutally beating us. Our mess is closed..no internet connection..no water.. But we are not scared of them. We will fight for justice.”#‎ArresttheVC‬ #‎JusticeforRohith‬  

Anu K Antony:  ” No water. No food. No electricity. No connectivity to the outside world. Police raj. We dont know where the arrested students and proffessors are. Silence of media. The protesting students informed that all the national channels wer present there. Yet no media coverage except for blatant lies. The national channels that extensively covered the JNU incidents observe a totally believable, not so shocking silence. Wat is this other than an indifference towards the dalit politics of HCU? I cant help but noticing that the enemy is not common.”  ‪#‎shameonbrahmanicalmedi‬a #‎iamwithrohith‬  

Mehjabeen Finu Kt: ” Seriously?? Blocked all debit cards issued from UOH SBI Branch??!!! Come on Appa rao!! Which all method will you make possible to provoke us?! Testing our patience?! Though Our struggle will remain democratic by all means!! Try your level best #‎justiceforrohith‬

Aslah Vadakara: ” ‘Facebook trending’ says that students of UOH ransack VC’s office after he returns to work. National medias saying students involving in rampage and vandalisation.   Where is Killer VC ?  Where is police Brutality? Where is ABVP hooliganism? and where is Justice for Rohith Vemula” 

Annusitara Ann:  ” Extremely shocked to see how brutally police lathi charged students of University of Hyderabad for protesting against the re-entry of VC prof.Appa Rao to the campus. Apparently, the ABVP in the campus who got prior information of his reassume were sheilding the VC from the protesters by guarding his doors .Heavy police force was also deployed at the VC lodge .The peaceful protesters sitting on the VC lodge loans were dragged, beaten up , and hurled by the police. As the students started screaming and running away, the police personnel were seen chasing them, grabbing them by their hair, pinning them down and beating them. The female students were mistreated and physically attacked by the male police. They also made racist and sexist comments at students and faculties .Many students including faculty members are severely injured and nearly 10 people were detained. No media has reported this . The mobile phones of the students who tried to record the vicious act were snatched and thrown away by police .Internet access in the university is completely cut off . The mess and library is also closed down .They are planning to stop supply of electricity and water too. “ #‎hcu‬ ‪#‎vcdowndown‬ ‪#‎ABVPsharamkaro‬

Narayanan M Sankaran: “The nation you keep silence, HCU won’t hurt your feelings, because it is the matter of Dalit live.” ‪#‎StandWIthRohithVemula‬

Kuriakose Mathew : ” This is not emergency. This is braman fascist war against society. ”



USEFUL Links : 



University Community :


https://goo.gl/xsYZ0X (GOOGLE DOCS FORM re: accommodation, Food and Water for University of Hyderabad Hosteliers)


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